Monday, September 5, 2016

Pregnancy Update - 16 Weeks

Pregnancy update - 16 weeks |

It seems like the last few weeks have really FLOWN by and just like that, I'm four months already! Sheesh! I'm really enjoying being pregnant now and these days, I wake up on my back with my hand on my tummy and am very aware of a tiny bump that's growing. Four months down, five to go till we meet this sweet baby!

How Far Along? 

16 weeks

Size of Baby: 

An avocado 

Weight Gain: 

Because I lost weight with morning sickness, I originally started at 55.6kgs and then went down to 54.3kgs and have only now come back up to 55.8kgs. 

Stretch marks/Swelling: 

None yet. Although I am lathering on the cream now already!


The morning sickness and tiredness dissipated at around 10 weeks, although I still have to get up during the night to wee and I still have odd food craving trends that change weekly!


The beginning was sweetness in the form of chocolates, ice cream and CocoPops, and whilst the sweetness craving is still there, it's now changed to fruit and fruit juice. I'm also eating Pronutro like it's going out of fashion, weirdly enough. 


Still unknown :)


I'm really enjoying being pregnant, now that the nausea and tiredness has gone away!

We have a few things that we've gotten from family already in the nursery, like a compactum and rocking chair, but other than that, nothing major is happening there.

Nothing at the moment, but apparently it should be happening in the next few weeks!


I'm still sleeping pretty well, aside from getting up to wee during the night. I'm also beginning to be woken up by a blocked nose every now and then, but I just turn over and go back to sleep.


I'm walking as often as I can and am doing squats pretty regularly.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 

Nope, nothing serious now - thank goodness!

Best Moment This Week: 

Finally having a noticeable bump. It still looks like I ate a few too many donuts, but not as bad ha ha!

Looking Forward To: 

Definitely excited to feel Bean moving and for D to be able to feel it as well! Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later!

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you have a great week!


  1. So gorgeous friend!! Such an exciting time - and so much to look forward to x

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