Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Guess what? WE'RE PREGNANT!

So it is officially public knowledge after waiting until the "safe period" of 12 weeks to let all our loved ones know and we can not be more excited to expecting a tiny baby! Baby Brown is due February 2017 and although the realization that I'll be VERY pregnant in Cape Town's hottest time is a little daunting, we can't wait to meet our little Valentine.

As my first pregnancy, I don't want to ever forget any part of this so I'll be doing a pregnancy update every few weeks and this week is almost 13 weeks :)

How Far Along? 

12 weeks, 5 days

Size of Baby: 

This depends on the app you're using, but most are saying a plum at the moment

Weight Gain: 

The first trimester has been a bit of an interesting one. I've had quite a bit of morning sickness and haven't really gained any weight as a result.

Stretch marks/Swelling: 

None, too early :)


Definitely! So far, I've had a pretty great pregnancy, especially considering how bad other ladies have it, but it hasn't been without it's experiences. Firstly, my boobs BALLOONED. They're also incredibly sore, so there's that too. I've also had morning sickness; not every day, but when it hit, it hit bad. It seems to have settled down from about 10 weeks on - touch wood! The frequent urination is also very definitely a thing. I'm not someone who usually gets up to pee during the night, so this was annoying in the beginning but now I'm pretty used to it. My current record is four times in one night. My sense of smell has increased, but it's not like "OMG I should become a detective with my sense of smell" kind of vibes.


In the beginning it was Bar-Ones. I couldn't go to the shop without buying one. Then it became more of a trying-to-keep-anything-down game so I stuck mainly to coco pops and plain toast with marmite. I recently CRAVED dim sum from Beluga. So bad that I eventually drove from the northern suburbs to Beluga to get dim sum. Ha! Now it just seems to be milk, plain strawberry yoghurt and coco pops.




This depends on the day. When I'm not pregnant I'm very emotional when I have my period so I was honestly expecting the mood swings to be the same when I was pregnant, but I actually haven't been too bad. I have gotten a bit cranky when I start to feel a bit useless (thanks morning sickness and no energy), but other than that I'm pretty excited and relaxed.

This hasn't even begun yet. We have a plan and theme in mind, but will get to this at a later stage.

Nothing, still too early :)


I'm sleeping pretty well, aside from getting up to pee during the night. I did wake up feeling like I haven't slept enough, but I think that was just the exhaustion, which also seems to be easing up.


I'm trying a few pregnancy workouts Shante from Rose and Thorns sent me, but between having morning sickness and ZERO energy, exercise might only pick up properly from the second trimester. I do try to go for evening walks with D or our neighbour when I can.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 

Food. Ha! No, seriously, eggs are mostly what made me wanna hurl. Anything with a lot of flavour or oil and spices was also a no-go. Even the thought made me queasy. Now I seem to be doing better.

Best Moment This Week: 

This has to have been finally being able to make it public knowledge! The love we've received is unbelievable and makes us even more excited!

Looking Forward To: 

Hearing Beanie's heartbeat on Friday! I get so excited for scans, it's crazy! But that's probably it :) And to start showing ha ha!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. YAY!!!! Congratulations lovely lady - what an exciting time for you both!! So glad you are feeling better and now you can enjoy this special journey x

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