Monday, November 9, 2015

On Being Quiet

The last time I blogged was in August. That's just over 3 months ago. I have this thing where the second half of the year is ALWAYS our busiest and craziest. Everything happens to me in the second half of the year. I'm even willing to bet that I will have my kids in the second half of the year. The only thing that's ever happened in the first half was when we got married, and even then, it was by choice. Everything outside of my control happens in the second half. And actually, I like it like that. Summer, my birthday, holidays, Christmas, everything is better in the second half of the year.

Which is why my blog has been so quiet. Back in May, I wrote a post on waiting and about how D and I had a huge change ahead of us but we didn't quite know when it was going to happen. Well, I should've known it would only happen in the second half of the year ha! D started his own business. We were going to move to George but then that didn't happen, but D still started his own business which has been a huge change in our lives. Plus we sold our flat and moved into a 3 bedroom house. Moving sucks, yo. And we adopted two yorkies, Gracie and Jimmy. So life has kind of been a bit cray cray. Which is why I haven't been writing. Moving itself turns life upside down, and I feel like we've only just gotten our groove back. So now I feel like I can start blogging again. For a while I just didn't have anything to write about (I know, right). I literally have about a million posts to posts in my drafts and I just didn't feel like posting any of them. And now I want to post them again. Which makes me happy.

For now, I thought I'd share my favourite links I've recently stumbled across :)

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Have a great week!

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