Monday, July 6, 2015

Meet the Brewers: Red Sky Brew

Food and beer pairing with Beerhouse Meet the Brewers -

Holey moley my little blogging space has been quiet! I apologise profusely, but I've recently taken on a full-time client again twice a week and that's made life quite a bit busier during the week. No complaints though - new clients are always a good thing! :)

This does mean, though, that I have a host of posts (ha ha see what I did there?) coming your way so I also apologise for my little blog now becoming super busy! For today though, I have another post on Beerhouse's Meet the Brewers evenings as they are seriously amazing every time, and it's always great to meet a new brewery!

Red Sky Brew is a brewery you'll find in Gordon's Bay which is a sweet little area near Somerset West and the really nice thing about Sky Brew is that all their beers have aviation-themed names. The reason for this is that the two owners, a husband and wife duo, used to have a long distance relationship before they got married and the aviation theme is an ode to their traveling days to see one another - so sweet and I love that they brought an element of their story into their beers!

So first up we the Avenger Pale Ale and this was paired with a beer and Gruyere soup with a sage pistou. This was a really good pairing and the soup was absolutely delicious! 

A beer & Gruyere soup with sage pistou -

Next we paired the Tweety Bird Amber Ale with a smoked mackerel pate and a sweet chilli and onion jam. This was probably one of my favourite pairings as the fish pate went really well with the amber ale. Plus, fish with me is always a winner.

A smoked mackerel pate with sweet chilli and onion jam -

The third pairing was the Dubbel Trouble Belgian Dubbel paired with pulled pork bitterballe and an Andalous sauce. This was my other favourite pairing as since trying bitterballe a few years ago, I'm completely mad about them! They're traditionally made with veal and dipped in mustard but the pulled pork element was really good!

Pulled pork bitterballe and an Andalous sauce -

Our second last pairing was a Rauch beer paired with Goat's Devils on Horseback with a maple glaze. I had never heard of this kind of food before but it was delicious! The maple glaze was just the right amount of sweetness to go with this kind of beer!

Goat's Devils on Horseback with a maple glaze -

Last but not least was the Vampire Robust Porter that was paired with a Vampire Robust baked cheesecake, dark chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis. Dark chocolate is always good, especially as dessert but this pairing really made it divine! The raspberry coulis also did a stellar job of bringing out the flavours in beer!

A Vampire Robust baked cheesecake, dark chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis -

The evening was really nice, as usual! I always have a great time at Beerhouse, especially learning more about beer and about individual breweries. Thank you to Beerhouse and Red Sky Brew for a really great evening!

Red Sky Brew beer and food pairing at Beerhouse -

On a more serious note, many of you will by now have heard about the tragic killing of Joe Kanyona, outside Beerhouse and that he has sadly left behind a wife and 4 month old daughter. It is an incredibly sad thing to have happened, but Beerhouse has amazingly set up a memorial donation page in an effort to help raise money to support his wife and daughter. You can find the donations page here and please donate if you can! If you're not able to donate financially, you can donate baby goods, sanitary items or anything else you'd like to help with. These can be dropped off at Beerhouse on Long Street and given to any of the staff - they'd all be really grateful to help you donate.

Hope you're all having a great Monday!

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  1. Thanks for telling us about this wonderful restaurant and their suffering. I must say their food and the presentation they had are really amazing, and I will love to visit them.