Monday, June 1, 2015


Currently - taking stock of life at the moment |

Currently, I'm sitting in bed, with my electric blanket on 4 (its highest) and working. I know, I know. Working in bed when you're a freelancer is a major no-no, but with weather this cold in Cape Town, it's the only way I won't freeze to death. 
I've never done a "Currently" post, but we're already in the SIXTH month of 2015 and I figure that it might be a good way to keep track of life as it continues to hurtle past at lightening speed. So here goes.

Currently I'm....

Reading - Harry Potter. I had the urge to re-watch one of the HP movies the other night and now I'm starting at the beginning of the books again. Always a good collection of books to devour!
Playing - a mix up of the new Hillsong Empires album and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood". 
Watching - Chicago Fire. SUCH a good series! Personally, I prefer Chicago Fire to Chicago PD but they're both awesome series!
Trying - not to freeze to death. Or complain about the cold, especially when I have so much that others don't...
Cooking - nothing tonight as my gran is bringing D and I her amazing soup that I've loved since I was a little girl! #BestEver
Eating - E'RRRRYTHING! Gees louise, winter makes me eat!! Chips, toast, flapjacks, biscuits, cream cheese! Guys, I'm gonna be double my size by September!
Drinking - rooibos tea like it's coming out of my ears! I'm usually a huge fan of Twinings and flavoured teas but in the last few weeks, rooibos has made my tummy happy!
Loving - my electric blanket! D bought me one a month or two ago and I'm seriously happier this winter than I was last!
Feeling - happy and grateful for a roof over my head in this cold weather, excited for future plans and content with my nows.

Current reading obsession - going to try & read Harry Potter at least once a year |

What are your currently's? Here's to a good, rainy week ahead. Drive safe in the rain peeps! :)

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