Friday, June 5, 2015

Blogging Tips 101

Blogging Tips from my favourite bloggers

I think it's fairly common for many bloggers to start a blog (or four) and then delete it before finally settling on one they really like. It's like when you first start your blog and you're thinking of a name. You change it about a million times before you decide on one you like. I mean, I know I started like 5 blogs before being super happy with Tea with Mrs Bee. Blogging isn't the easiest thing in the world. The writing part is easy, especially if you love writing in general, but it's the actual blogging part that's hard. The putting yourself out there for everyone to read what you write and hope they don't think you're a weirdo. 

I've been blogging for 9 months now and I'm slowly getting into a groove of being able to blog weekly, sometimes even more. And I'm really enjoying having a little space on the Interweb to share things and bounce things off of. It's still hard sometimes, but I rate it's one of those keep at it kinda things. I also figured I'd turn to a few bloggers who I absolutely love and trust to get their tips and tricks on blogging. If this inspires you to "keep at it", then I'm really glad! Because I know they've inspired me. So if you're new to blogging, or even if you're not, read these tips and get inspired. We're all in this blogging world together and I hope you're encouraged on this wonderful Friday afternoon! :)


First up is Cindy Alfino! She blogs over at 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House and I've mentioned her a few times here on my blog - Life of a Wife and The #CTMeetup. She's super amazing and seriously has the cutest family! After the #CTMeetup, I actually started chatting to her on whatsapp and she's really been a great sounding board for some of my blog posts! 

Photo taken by Susie Leblonde Photography
1. Be nice.  It's so easy to use your platform and your voice to spread your thoughts across the internet.  And while you shouldn't censor yourself if you've had a really bad experience, you should be careful about downing your peers, ranting about specific people and just generally being nasty.  Personally I think this reflects more on you than it does on the person/people in question.
2.  We all start somewhere.  Resist the urge to feel jealous about someone else's success and just use it to work even harder at what you do to get where you want to go.
3.  For the love of all that is good in this World, please don't just copy and paste press releases into a post and publish it.  Nothing puts me off a blog faster.  That being said, if you really want to share that info, put your own twist on it - your readers will thank you for it.
4.  There's no such thing as a free lunch.  People assume that bloggers get free stuff for doing nothing.  Not true.  Besides curating the post - by writing interesting content, taking good pictures, setting up behind the scenes things and the costs involved in hosting a blog, there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears poured into a good blog that most people aren't aware of.  
5.  Don't under value yourself.  Your readers come back, time and again to read what you have to say and your truthful opinions/thoughts/words. Realise your value and don't sell yourself short to people offering you nothing in exchange for your influence.


Next up is Maz, from Caffeine and Fairydust! At the beginning of May, I went from being a complete dark brunette, to being a complete blonde in one sitting. The hairdresser that did my hair was wonderfully recommended by Maz. So it's safe to say that if I trust Maz with my hair (and making such a drastic change with it), I trust her with my blog! Her tips are a lot like her blog - honest and uncomplicated. Just the way I like it :)

Photo from Caffeine and Fairydust

1. Always stay true to what your blog stands for and what you want to represent. 
2. Always be honest. Once you lose your audience's trust, it's nearly impossible to get it back.
3. Never copy someone else's work - not only is it illegal, but it will also damage your SEO and ranking as Google penalizes duplicated content.
4. From the beginning, choose a niche that you're head over heels for. Not just something you enjoy that might become lucrative one day. You need to choose a topic that truly sets fire under your ass. 
5. Write high-quality content that your readers find valuable.
6. Promote those high-quality, valuable posts on social media. 
7. Connect with other people. Read their blogs, share their posts, chat about wine and ice cream on Twitter. 
8. Never use Comic Sans font. Ever.


Lastly, I asked Anja van der Spuy who blogs over at Glitz and Grammar. Anja's posts kill me every time! No matter what she's writing about, I'm almost guaranteed to be doubled over laughing!! Her clubbing as a student VS clubbing when you have a job post could not be truer and had me in stitches while texting my best friend going "OMG that's so us!!" Do yourself a favour! Anja has been blogging for a while and I figured would be a good friend to turn to for tips and tricks. Enjoy :)

Photo from Glitz and Grammar
1. So you want to start a blog, but you don't know what to blog about? Write about what you know. Whether it's fashion, history, travel or like in my case, pop culture - people will want to read your blog if it's written with passion.

2. Blogging is not about freebies. I repeat: BLOGGING IS NOT ABOUT FREEBIES. Look around you - the most successful bloggers reached their level of success by producing quality content, not by blegging.

3. Don't be shy - post your articles on social media. At the beginning when I started my blog, I used to post my articles on Twitter and then I'd delete it immediately afterwards. Why? Because sharing your art with other humans is TERRIFYING! But just do it - it's exhilerating, I promise!

4. It's okay to be different. At the beginning I felt obligated to go to every event, because that's what I saw other bloggers doing. But you know what? I'm not really that into networking, and that's okay. I've managed to advertise myself and my blog in other ways. Just do you! 


I've come to realise that blogging is about you. It's your space so really, you can post pretty much whatever you like. Granted, if you're a bitch on your post, you'll probably lose more readers than you will gain them, but the point is that it's your space to process, think, write, express or love. Blogging takes effort. But it can be so rewarding. I'm making new friends, meeting new people and creating a space online that's a reflection of me and the way I see the world. And that's what it should be :)


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