Monday, May 18, 2015

Life of a Wife: Caley Rosenberg

#LifeofaWife: Caley Rosenberg - advice and insights from other wives on marriage and kids

I've had this post saved in drafts since last week but D had his wisdom teeth out last Monday (ManFlu x 1000, although he actually was quite the champ about it all!) and I had deadlines to meet for clients so last week was rather chaotic. Which is why I'm only posting it now. Sheesh. 

Okay, so. This week's wife is Caley Rosenberg who blogs over at Ellie Love, lives in Durban and has thee CUTEST little girls ever!! I've said before that I think a lot of women picture themselves as either future boy moms or future girl moms, and that I had previously pictured myself as a girl mom, but then I had Nicki Dadic also feature in my Life of a Wife series and she has the cutest little boys. Seeing Nicki's boys on Instagram and Twitter and stuff and seeing how cute they are then convinced me that maybe, just maybe, I'm a boy mom. But then, I see Caley's precious princesses on Instagram too and then, flip, I'm confused!! They're so cute, and unbelievably pretty, that they make me wanna be a girl mom too! So I rate I'm settling for one or two of each? Maybe? Who knows, all I know is that Caley has one of my favourite blogs to read and the cutest family and she's the sweetest lady! So have a look-see at her feature below and then go visit her little slice of the Interweb at her blog! You can also find and follow Caley on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

1) Tell us a bit about yourself; who are you, how old are you, who are you married to and for how long, do you have kids and what do you and hubby do for a living?

Hi! I’m Caley and I blog over at Ellie Love. I am an almost 30 year old living on the sunny coast of South Africa. I married the love of my life in 2010 and we have two precious daughters – SJ (aged 3) and EN (aged 1). I am currently a SAHM enjoying the days with my girls but I am a qualified Senior phase teacher and I have worked in PR/Advertising/Events. My husband is a Director in a Mining Facilities company.

2) Did you live together before getting married, and how do you think living together/not living together affected your life and marriage today?

MC and I had a long distance relationship before we got married so we didn't have the chance to live together before marriage. However, we would have chosen not to anyway. It is a personal choice but building a home as a married couple was lots of fun and very exciting and allowed there to be an exciting change when we got married – from unpacking wedding presents together, making our home ours and spending every moment together as husband and wife.

3) What was the hardest thing about being married in the beginning?

We didn't find anything really difficult in the beginning – we were truly in the honeymoon phase. We absolutely loved finally being in the same country and place every day. We loved making a home together and enjoying the day to day tasks of cooking meals, cuddling on the couch and exploring our city. Long distance was really hard on us and we learnt very quickly, never to take the time together for granted.

4) What's something that's completely surprised you about marriage?

My biggest surprise about marriage is the instant feeling of commitment to another person. Even after dating for four years, so much changed on the night we got engaged and then even more so the day we got married. My heart and mind suddenly realised how intense and amazing this commitment is and the happiness and joy I felt knowing this man would be mine forever. 

5) If you have/will have kids, how do you think this changed/will change the dynamic of your marriage?

We have two daughters and having kids changed the dynamic of our marriage in so many ways. It has changed in good ways – we work together as a great team to parent our children, we rely on one another for help, advice, support and to be the voice of reason and we have fallen more in lobe watching the other become a parent – I am in awe of the Daddy that MC is to our girls and always grateful for the hero that he is in their lives. It also changes in difficult ways – your time is never really your own and it is so easy to make the mistake of letting children and life get too hectic or too busy that you push your marriage aside. We have tried our best to make a good effort to not allow this but it isn't easy. 

6) How do you and hubby keep the spark alive?

We plan time for the two of us. We book date nights once a week and we try and make quiet time for us each week – prayer time, dinner time or movie time. We promise to kiss each good morning and good night every day. We also try our best to get away for a weekend or holiday once or twice a year – just the two of us! We celebrate special occasions too – Valentine’s Day and our wedding anniversary.

7) What, in your opinion, are the three key essentials for a great marriage?

Communication. Fun. Honesty.

8) What's the best piece of advice you got for marriage?

We didn't really get any marriage advice but articles we have read and talks we have listened to have always said put your spouse first and never speak badly about them (in front of them or behind their back) and this is so important. It is sometimes hard to put your spouse before your children or work or social media but it is key to a happy and healthy marriage. There is nothing worse than a person putting their spouse down, it is terrible.

9) What is your personal advice for newly married couples or couples who are about to get married?

Be open and honest with constant communication – this allows no room for secrets or deceit. Have fun and be best friends – there is nothing better than spending time with the person you love and adore. Make time for each other and put each other first – this is a daily task that takes a lot of hard work but the benefits are paramount. Love unconditionally. 

Thank you so much, Caley, for being a part of this series - I've really enjoyed reading your answers! Whenever I receive answers for this series, I see a common thread, and that thread is that marriage takes work. Being a parent takes work. And I'm not saying this because it's a first time revelation for me; obviously I went into marriage knowing that it takes work and I'm still married knowing that it takes work, but what I mean when I say this is that it's 100% worth every effort of work that's put in. Whether you're married for a year, or 10 years, have no children or have 10, it takes work. And the reward that you get from putting in 150% of who you are into your marriage and your kids, is like no other. That's what I'm getting out of these answers. I'm also experiencing that for myself. Every time I feel like I'm doing my absolute best for D, I feel the reward. He's happy, I'm happy, our home is happy. Life comes with it's ups and down's regardless, but it's infinitely easier to handle when we're both giving each other 150% of ourselves. And that's why I love doing this series. Reading about other wives and moms who are putting in 150, 200% and the reward they're getting out of it! So thank you Caley, for your honestly and insights! :)

If you would like to be a part of this series, please email me on - I would love to hear your marital insights!


  1. Thanks for having me lovely lady, it was an honour to be a part of your series. I LOVE being married :)

    1. Thank YOU, Caley for being part of it with me! :) We should start a hashtag #ILoveBeingMarried :)

  2. Awesome interview - loved reading it Cales and Amys

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! Glad you enjoyed reading it! :) xxx

  3. you look so happy together!i remember when i was dating my wife, magical moments!i wish you good luck and a happy long life together!