Thursday, April 30, 2015

#MeetTheBrewers: Lakeside Beerworks

In the last few months, I've really begun to enjoy beer. To the point where I will actually choose to order a beer to drink when I'm out with D or with friends. Provided it's craft beer though. Before, I felt like I was drinking bread and hated the taste, but now, I'm really enjoying. So, when I attended the Zomato MeetUp in March at Beerhouse for their monthly #MeetTheBrewers event, I absolutely loved it! Not only do I love food, but now that I love beer too, it's honestly a winning combination! Plus it's even better that, with these Meet The Brewers events, I can now get to know the individual breweries, owners and processes that they utelise and can now appreciate all the hard work that goes into making these wonderful beers. You can read about my previous Meet The Brewers here.

So, on Monday the 27th of April, D and I were invited to another of Beerhouse's Meet The Brewers evenings, and this time it was with Lakeside Beerworks. Morne Uys explained that Lakeside Beerworks began in 2012 when he met his partner, Pierre-Charl, at a braai and they got to talking about making their own beer. It then started off in Pierre-Charl's garage and later progressed to Honingklip Brewery outside Hermanus. In 2013, Lakeside Beerworks moved into their permanent home in the well-loved Valley Brewery in Kommetjie.

They produce 5 beers - a London Ale, an APA, an IPA, an Amber Ale and a Weiss beer. These were paired with 5 dishes lovingly whipped up by the wonderful Roy MacAskill and man, is he a talented chef!!

First up was the London Ale and this was paired with caramelized pecans and blue cheese. I really enjoyed the London Ale, in fact, it was probably my favourite beer from Lakeside Beerworks. This pairing worked well and I found that the caramelised pecans actually neutralised the strength of the blue cheese thus making it great with the London Ale. I think the usual strength of the blue cheese would've completely ruined the beer but the pecans did a good job!

Next came the APA which was paired with a crispy black pudding and potato cake, poached hen's egg and a chili hollandaise. Now, if anyone really knows me, you'll know I could eat poached eggs until they came out of my ears! Also, I've never eaten black pudding before and this, together with the egg, hollandaise and the APA, was UNBELIEVABLE! If Beerhouse could have a breakfast menu and this was on it (beer for breakfast, HELLO?!), I would be there every. single. day! Best pairing of the night, hands down!

Our third pairing for the night was the IPA with a layered shortcrust pulled pork pie with curried channa, mango chow and savoury seeds. I'm not a curry person at all, but this pie was yummy! It worked well with the IPA, and I really enjoy an IPA, but I think I still prefer it on it's own.

We then moved onto the Amber Ale and this was paired with a Klein Rivier Gruyere and pumpernickel rarebit and green fig reserve. I struggled to taste the gruyere as I felt like it was a bit lost on the toast but the fig preserve was delicious and went really well with this beer. Good combo!

Lastly was the Weiss beer that was paired with a Heffeweizen poached pear, honey and Heffeweizen sorbet and gees louise was this an amazing dessert! I always find ice cream too creamy as a dessert so sorbet is a good idea as it's cold and delicious but isn't creamy. I loved the honey in this as well and felt like it worked well with both the sorbet and the Weiss.

Beerhouse, Roy MacAskill and Lakeside Beerworks seriously outdid themselves and I'm really excited to discover a new brewery that produces great craft beer! If you haven't been to one of Beerhouse's Meet The Brewers evenings, you are definitely missing out and you should really make a plan to get yourself to one! Not only can you enjoy delicious food paired with great beers, but you will also learn a thing or two about beer and will get to know the breweries themselves and the people that make it all happen.

This weekend is ANOTHER long weekend (seriously not complaining) so enjoy it and if you're going away, or coming home, please drive carefully! I will be snuggled up in bed with series and maybe a glass (or three) of wine! :)

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