Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Marital Insights

D and I have been married for just over a year now and it's safe to say that living with each other has been quite the adventure! Before we got married, I was living with my parents and D had been living on his own for about 2 years (I know, right?! Getting married without living together first - what???), so coming together and now sharing a space with each other meant compromise and patience.

I decided to ask D a few questions on living with me and I answered the questions too, to get an idea of what it's been like. In case you're wondering what it's like to marry someone and now live with someone you didn't live with before marriage, read on :)

1)      What’s the best thing about living with your spouse?

A: It's really so much fun! That's probably the romantic, and not always realistic, answer, but it really is! I love having him come home to me and falling asleep next to him! Even though he snores! Ha! J
D: That’s a difficult one. I for some reason can’t remember not having Amy around and it’s just fun being able to spend time together all the time and have your friend around. It’s good to have someone around to bounce things off, have conversations with and to share meals together. 

2)      What is the thing that annoys you most about living with your spouse?

A:  I do most of the cleaning in the house, which I'm 100% happy with, but D does this thing where when he does help me around the house, it's not just helping. He goes into this almost panic mode and suddenly the ENTIRE house needs to be cleaned SPOTLESSLY! He'll even go over things I've already cleaned! Drives me nuts! J
D: Living with someone means having someone in your space that isn't you. That’s bound to create some annoyances. In terms of Amy specifically, it’s a toss-up between her leaving her hair in the shower when she washes her hair, and her moods – although that’s a thing that all women seem to have in common. J

3)      What’s the one chore you hate doing the most?

A: Ironing. Without a doubt! 
D: I’d say doing the dishes. 

4)      Who is cleaner?

A: This is difficult. I think we're both clean but D's definitely tidier for the most part. When he's busy with something, it's complete chaos but when he tidies, he tidies well! 
D: I’d say I’m probably cleaner, but that’s not to say I do a lot of the actual cleaning. I’m more obsessive about it though.

5)      What’s the biggest change you've noticed in yourself since moving in with your spouse?

A: I'm waaaaay more homely than I ever thought I was! Now, I honestly love making a home for D to come home to and enjoy! I mean, I still hate cleaning, but I love cleaning for D, and knowing how much he loves come home to a clean house and home. 
D: I don’t think I’m as selfish as I was before; I try to think of Amy more before I do something now. I was very much in a bachelor mind-set before we got married so I wasn't used to considering Amy before I made plans.

6)      What are any new traditions you've implemented as a couple since moving in together?

A: D and I take turns making coffee on weekends. I'm on Saturdays and he's on Sundays. 
D: Amy has implemented Christmas decorations which I never did before, even though I celebrate Christmas, as well as her making bacon and eggs every Saturday morning and flapjacks every Sunday morning.

7)      What’s one thing that your spouse does in or around the house that you really appreciate?

A: I really appreciate when D fixes things around the house. I also appreciate when he offers tea randomly. 
D: I really appreciate that Amy always has dinner ready and makes sure the dishes are done regularly.

8)      Advice for couples newly living together?

A: Go into it with a sense of humor. And think about how difficult it is to try and change yourself. As difficult as that is, it's going to be even harder to try and change your partner. So be accepting and respectful. This is their space now too and there has to be room for both of you. J
D:Try and think before you react, and try to consider the other person. Try to see if there is a possibility that you might be the chop in the situation. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. This is a great post - lots to learn when moving in together x