Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Friday Favourites

Guys!! It's Friday!! Who doesn't love the weekend, right? :)

Today I'm doing a little recon on my favourite things for this week because some of them are really cool so I thought I needed to share them with you.

So here are my Five Friday Favourites!

1) Reign

Image taken from The CW Wikia

So this series was introduced to me about a week ago and D & I CANNOT. STOP. WATCHING!! It's completely addictive, although, as I've been googling things about the show (yes, I google everything about a show as I'm watching it) there have been a lot of complaints about it. It's produced by the CW and follows the story of Mary, Queen of Scots as she is married to the next King of France. It's a history lesson but quite modernized with things like costumes and theme music being very much from today. The theme song is by the Lumineers, and who doesn't love the Lumineers, right? But a lot of people have been complaining that it's inaccurate, exaggerated for effect and wildly inappropriate for the audience, which I disagree with. I feel like the Tudors had more sex in it than Reign does and I quite enjoy the modern way of telling Mary, Queen of Scots' story. Anyway, give it a bash and let me know what you think. I'm thoroughly enjoying!

2) Hot lemon water with ginger and honey

I used to drink hot lemon water with ginger and honey in August when I was working out a bit more and then stopped for some reason, so I'm really enjoying drinking it again. Also loving the no artificial sugar in it :) 

3) My tiny flat garden

D & I live in a flat near Durbanville so we don't have a garden but I've recently started planting a few herbs and plants to see if I've, by chance, inherited my Gran's green fingers, and so far, so good! From top left, I have basil, coriander and two lemon trees :) The lemon tree story is quite something - D cut open a lemon we had in the house one day for supper and two of the pips INSIDE the lemon had started sprouting! So I put them both in soaked cotton (thank you primary school for teaching me that) to keep them sprouting and then planted them and now have two little lemon trees which are growing quite well :) Very chuffed!

4) Othello this evening

Image taken from Artscape.

During high school, the school would often arrange for us to go watch the annual Shakespeare play at Maynardville and this came to a sad, grinding halt after we finished school. But this year we decided we're going so tonight we're off to see Othello at Maynardville! You can book tickets at Computicket and until the 20th, you can get a 2-for-1 deal! :)

5) Friends

Image taken from

I know I'm probably thee most delayed person ever to watch Friends, but I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was a kid so I am absolutely loving it now. D & I are missioning through all 10 seasons and are currently on season 6! :)

What are your Friday Favourites? Please pop a comment below if you are watching Reign and what you think, and if you're off to see Othello any time soon - I would love to know your thoughts!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!

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