Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blogger Secret Santa: Caitlyn De Beer

Image taken and edited myself.

This post comes after having taken part in the wonderful  Blogger's Secret Santa hosted by Kelly Lubbee.  Last year, I decided to blog more actively and then saw a post on Ellie Love about the Blogger's Secret Santa. I immediately signed up and emailed Kelly my details and she let me know that she would be pairing me with someone soon.

So on Monday the 17th of December, my gift from my Secret Santa arrived!! Eeek! My Blogger Secret Santa was the lovely Caitlyn de Beer from Caitlyn de Beer and she sent me the absolute sweetest gift!

 Image taken and edited myself.

In my gift was a lovely hand-written note explaining to me who she was and what she got me and why.

Image taken and edited myself.

Image taken and edited myself.

In my Christmas wishlist post, I wrote that I was dying for a ring from Famke, and Caitlyn saw this and very amazingly bought me a ring similar to the one I wanted, just in case I got that one too. I absolutely fell in love with this heart ring! I have not taken it off and am unbelievably chuffed with it! :)

Image taken and edited myself.

She also saw that I'm a big lover of tea, either from my blog or Instagram account, and got me this lovely bamboo teaspoon for all my tea! How sweet?! Caitlyn also included a lovely pen! :)

I was a seriously spoiled girl and I really want to thank Caitlyn for such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

Caitlyn is a life and career coach, motivational speaker, lecturer and blogger from KZN and you can find her blog here. She often writes posts that are extremely helpful and full of insights, like her amazing post on why New Year's Resolutions are more harm than help! You can also find Caitlyn on FacebookTwitter and on Instagram!

You can also have a look at the #BloggerSecretSanta on Instagram and Twitter to have a look at who all took part and all their goodies they were lovingly spoiled with!

Thank you to Caitlyn de Beer for my amazing spoils, and to Kelly Lubbee for such a great event! I really enjoyed it and got to meet such a sweet blogger!

Will you be participating in this year's Blogger Secret Santa? :)

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