Monday, December 8, 2014

Cherry Picking in Ceres

Image taken and edited by me

Yesterday, D and I headed out to Ceres to pick cherries. Klondyke Cherry Farm is about 18 kms on the other side of Ceres if you're coming from Tulbagh and lets people pick as many cherries as they want. It's tons of fun and the whole family can really get involved - I've previously been with my mom, dad and gran and then again with D two years ago. Yesterday there were kids everywhere and it was such a scorcher! 

Image taken and edited by me 

Entrance is R20 per person, which I think goes to ensuring the upkeep of toilets and stuff like that, and then to pick cherries is R48 a kilogram, which is super reasonable considering that Woolworths is R39,99 for 250g of cherries! 

You can then head into the orchard and pick as many cherries as you like! You are asked not to climb the trees but are given ladders which really help reach the juicy, dark cherries. The trick, that we discovered, is to go as far back as possible - the further back you go, the less people there are and the more trees that haven't been picked there are. We ended up picking about 6,7kgs for ourselves and family!

Image taken and edited by me. 

It ended up being 37 degrees at one point so I would definitely recommend taking hats and SUNBLOCK!

All in all, it was a really nice day! It was so good to get out of Cape Town for a day and do a bit of a road trip -  really relaxing and gave me the extra push I needed for the last two weeks of the working year! Anyone else feeling like this work year needs to end now? Yeah, I thought so. 

Image taken and edited by me

Image taken and edited by me

Will you be visiting Klondyke soon? :)

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