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Life of a Wife: Nikki Smal

Our wife for this week is Nikki Smal and this post is a little way overdue. Life has really gotten chaotic over the past few weeks; I'm currently working at a full-time client - meaning that I'm there full day for a short period of months, and working after hours on all my other clients, all resulting in my (very) little blog taking a tiny bit of a backseat. But I'm super excited about Nikki Smal's Life of a Wife post because she's such an awesome person! 

Nikki is a freelance (like me!) designer and is wife to Nic Smal and mama bear to little Jordan, who is so beyond cute, it's honestly ridiculous! You can follow her blog at Nikki and Nicholas, on Twitter and on Instagram. She's also just recently cut her hair into such an amazing style! At some point, I'm defos going short and who knows, I might rock it a la Nikki! You should really check her out! Also, Nikki and Nic's tattoos?? AMAZE!! 

So without further ado, Nikki Smal!

1) Tell us a bit about yourself; who are you, how old are you, who are you married to and for how long, do you have kids and what do you and hubby do for a living?

My name is Nikki. I am 28 years old. I’ve been married to a wonderful man named Nic for 3 years now. We have a little boy named Jordan who is 1-years-old and a furry child named Banjoe, he’s an English Bulldog. Nic and I both work for ourselves. I am a designer and layout artist and Nic is a jack of all trades - he is an animator, illustrator, editor, tv ad director and is part of a comedy duo called ‘Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues’. 

2) Did you live together before getting married, and how do you think living together/not living together affected your life and marriage today?

We did live together before we got married for about 1.5 years. I think it was very beneficial as you see a completely different side to a person when you live with them. It can either make or break your relationship and luckily for us, it made it!

3) What was the hardest thing about being married in the beginning? 

Managing our finances and cleaning responsibilities. Unfortunately for my husband, I really believe that the housework load should be balanced equally between the two of us. If we both work all day, why should I be the only one to cook, clean, wash-up, do laundry? Luckily my husband is very on board and completely agrees with the balance. Nic is very forgetful but if I remind him of something he’s forgotten to do, he is very willing and very quick to get it done. 

4) What's something that's completely surprised you about marriage?

How you can see so much of one person and never get tired of them. 

5) If you have/will have kids, how do you think this changed/will change the dynamic of your marriage?

Having a baby has dramatically changed our lives and our marriage. In the best way possible. There are many challenges, though. The load has become so much heavier.. in every way. Financially, physically and emotionally. We don’t have a lot of time for ourselves or each other which has been the hardest part. Our Jords wakes up a 5:30 every morning so gone are the days of the ‘lie in’. We are unable to drink coffee and daydream in bed on the weekends and by the time Jordan goes to bed at night we are spent. I feel so blessed to have a very hands-on husband though.. Nic is amazing with Jordan and we definitely share the load equally where Jords is concerned. 

6) How do you and hubby keep the spark alive?

We try our best to go on date nights regularly. Sometimes it doesn’t work out but we do try. We eat supper together every night, just the two of us and we chat about our day and our plans. This might not sound vastly romantic, but for working parents, I can assure you that it is.  

7) What, in your opinion, are the three key essentials for a great marriage?

1. Honesty, trust & faithfulness
2.  Forgiveness & Patience
3. Communication - SO IMPORTANT!

8) What's the best piece of advice you got for marriage? 

 Always kiss each other good morning and good night. 

9) What is your personal advice for newly married couples or couples who are about to get married?

Don’t ever internalise something that is upsetting you. Communicate your feelings and work through them to find a solution together. Go on regular date nights, encourage and compliment each other often and find time to be silly and fun together. 

Seriously, HOW cute is this family?? :)

Nikki, thank you so much for being a part of this series! I'm always so amazed when I read these answers from the wives that are taking part. It's done wonders in reminding me that I'm definitely NOT the only one going through the teething stage of my marriage. As obvious as that may be. It's so easy to get caught up in your own marriage and the struggles therein, that you completely forget that there are others out there who have gone through the same stage that you're in. And it will always be like that, which is so wonderful. When D and I get to 7/10/21 years of marriage, it's a relief knowing that someone else has done it before me and that I'm not on my own. I'm ETERNALLY grateful for Shante, Cindy and Nikki for their responses so far and am really excited for any future wives who want to get involved. If you're one of those wives and would like to join in and share your advice, trials, joy and lessons, PLEASE contact me on :)

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