Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

Image taken & edited myself

So Christmas is a mere 28 days away (YAY!!!) and I've been thinking a lot about what I would REALLY like to see under the tree this year. 

Every year, we spend Christmas eve with my side of the family and Christmas day with D's family. D's family is honestly so big that buying presents for everyone is just way too expensive, so this year we decided that we would do a sort of Secret Santa effort and draw a name and that's who we buy for this year. So we each had to come up with a wishlist and send it to the person buying for us, which I thought was brilliant because a) it makes the buying process for the person that much easier, and b) you end up getting exactly what you want! Win win for everyone! :)

So this year, I used Wunderlist which is a fantastic website and phone app that let's you create various lists, from to-do lists to wishlists and you can then send it to people. So I created my wishlist using Wunderlist and then emailed it to the person buying for me. Easy hey? 

So I thought that I would share my wish list here too, just so anyone having a look-see on my little blog and needs to buy me a pressie, would know what I'm hearting at the moment :)

A "This Is Cuddle Weather" cushion from Zana 

The "Let's Stay Home" flag to hang in our lounge, also from Zana

All my sandals, "all" being one pair, are completely worn out. I've had this one pair of sandals from Woolies since 2012 so they've had an excellent run. I mean, how often do sandals last that long? Yeah. So these new sandals from Mr Price? I'm in love!! Also, I'm kind of crushing on the new plastic-footwear trend that's happening at the moment, I wasn't in the beginning, but now I love it! I rate they'll last longer than rubber or whatever else other sandals are made of, right?

Speaking of sandals, I can't decide if I like the Mr Price ones or these Zoom ones from Zando more. The price difference is a huge drawcard, but I love them both. So peeps, you're welcome to surprise me :)

I've been in love with Famke's work for ages, and have really wanted this ring for a while now. I don't wear a lot of jewelry because I can never remember to put back on what I've taken off so I need something that I don't need to take off and put back on. This ring? Ya. Pretty much perfection :)

I've also been dying to do Faceblocks from PrintWild for a while now. I think they're the more cost effective way of doing canvases, which can get VERY expensive, only just a bit smaller, so I would also really like vouchers from PrintWild :)

The last thing on my list is a new pair of black leggings from Cotton On. In July, Jordan Wine Estate were doing a drive for the local community where you could drop off old clothes at the farm and they would give you a bottle of wine PER KILOGRAM of clothing you gave. Ya, I know. D and I got TWENTY FOUR bottles of wine. Enough for a bottle of wine a month for two years. That's a lot of wine. Anyway, in the process of packing old clothes into black bags, I accidentally packed my black leggings that were only like a month old. Not the brightest moment, but ya, now I need new black leggings.

What is on your list this Christmas? :)

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