Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You Will Never Catch Me....

At the beginning of July, I read a post over at Ellie Love called You Will Never Catch Me...and absolutely loved it so I thought I would do one as well. I also read Katie's one here


....enjoying winter, the cold or the rain.

Taken from Pinterest

....without my wedding rings on.

....with dirty hair.

....eating tomato in/on anything other than my tomato soup.

....condoning, accepting or forgiving cheating, betrayal or lying towards me.

....going back for more once I've been treated badly.

....going shark cage diving.

....near a moth, if I can help it.

....without sunglasses somewhere near me.

Seriously coveting these Marc Jacobs aviators.

....drinking whiskey, bourbon or brandy.

....making rice on the stove. Microwaves FTW.

....wearing Crocs.

....not expressing my opinion.

....without my makeup with me.

....without painted toenails.


....drinking coffee unless it's a red something. Red latte, red cappuccino, red espresso, mmmm!

....owning a pet rat or mouse. Should my kids want them one day, they had best not bring them near me. Vom.

....eating my food together. If I have peas, chicken and rice on my plate, I will finish the peas and then the rice and then the chicken. Never peas, rice and chicken in one mouthful.

....not taking a sleeping tablet before a flight. I really don't like flying.

....choosing any other wine over a wooded Chardonnay. Mmmm!!

Best Chardonnay. Taken from the Boschendal website.

....choosing to reverse park if I can parallel park.

....filling up with anything other than Engen petrol.

....sleeping later than 9am. For some reason, my body lost its ability to sleep super late.

....reading on an iPad, Kindle or computer. I choose actual books every time.

....eating liquorice.

....not listening to Taylor Swift a million times over and over again.

....doing something I really don't want to or am not comfortable with.

....denying Christ as my Saviour.

....being a people-pleaser.

....not being loyal and completely on your side if you do the same for me.

....passing up the chance to go overseas or on a new adventure.

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....choosing any other special day like Easter or my birthday over Christmas! BEST time of the year!!

....with shoes on if I can go barefoot.

....without slip-slops on in a gym shower.

....without my cellphone.

....refusing biltong.

....drinking orange juice with bits in it.

....tolerating unnecessarily rude people and kids.

....accepting childish drama.

....having fried eggs, scrambled eggs or omelettes. Poached only please.

....choosing a night on a bar over a night in bed with my husband and movies or series.

Taken from Pinterest

That's all I can think of for now. What will people never catch you doing/thinking/saying/trying?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Great post! So glad we both don't like coffee :) But the no shoes? I can't! And I love mixing my food in each mouthful and also only use Engen petrol. x

    1. Ha ha Engen is the best! Thanks for the inspiration Mrs Rosenberg! :)

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  3. HAHA I also eat like that - I can't mix :)

    1. Haha glad I'm not the only one Laura! :)