Wednesday, July 30, 2014

June Dinner Club: La Boheme

It's been a while since I've written on my blog. After I blew up the microwave, Duane still wanted to marry me (thank goodness!) so we both got knee-deep into wedding planning, the actual wedding day and the honeymoon afterwards that I completely forgot about my poor little blog. But I'm back :)

Our circle of friends isn't the HUGEST, but we prefer to have a few close friends than masses of acquaintances. So last month, Luke and Leanne, two of our closest friends, invited us out for dinner which we accepted and Duane left the decision as to where we were going to eat in Leanne's hands, and she chose La Boheme in Sea Point. During dinner, we came up with the idea of starting a Dinner Club. Once a month, at the end of the month (usually around payday, duh), we go out for dinner together. Each month we choose a new place to try. We take it in turns each month to decide on the restaurant which means that we never eat at the same place twice, exposing us to new restaurants and experiences every month. So far, we've tried two new places that we would otherwise have just driven past on our way to our 'usual' and we love it!

So, June was La Boheme. They are a wine bar and bistro, serving the most amazing food and their wine list is AMAZING! When we arrived, we were seated at our table and welcomed by a very friendly waiter. He explained the special which was a 3-course meal for R135 and presented us with three menu boards. He then took our drinks orders and left us to ponder our choices.

As wine lovers, we were in love with their wine list! Their list was vast and their prices fantastic! Leanne and I were able to order a different glass of wine for both starters and mains, and champagne for dessert! We have had so many experiences where we've gone to a restaurant only to find that they have the same wine list as about 20 other restaurants nearby and it's only as long as an A4 page, so La Boheme really did well with their wine list.

For starters I had the Beef carpaccio with caperberries, basil pesto and pecorino which was divine! I never used to be a fan of raw meat, other than sushi, and have previously always needed my steaks well done, but La Boheme's Beef carpaccio changed me! For mains, I had Butternut ravioli which was also a winner and for dessert I had creme brulee! At the end of dinner, I was in a food coma! Duane, Luke and Leanne also thoroughly enjoyed their food and everyone was definitely impressed!

Beef carpaccio, image taken from La Boheme's Facebook page

As our first official Dinner Club restaurant, La Boheme came out as definite winners! We highly recommend trying them sometime, and for R135 for a 3-course meal, you can't go wrong!

You can find La Boheme on Facebook.

Chat soon, lovelies!


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