Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oven-roasted tomato, garlic and butter bean soup: Dee-licious!

Last night Duane asked me to make supper. Which I gladly accepted - a girl never turns down the opportunity to better her cooking skills :) So I started thinking about what to make for dinner. I knew there wasn't much meat in the freezer so that lessened the options. Now, in the past I've often went onto for either inspiration or a full on recipe, and more often than not, Duane's loved it. So I went to have a squizz and found the recipe for Oven-roasted Tomato, Garlic and Butter Bean Soup which sounded interesting but I HATE tomatoes so didn't really want to do it. I'm not entirely sure what made me do it in the end, but it turned out amazingly! Duane loved it and I thoroughly enjoyed it as well!

So I thought I'd give you the recipe :) I didn't follow the recipe at all, I just mentally took note of the ingredients and kind of threw it together. Which makes me EXTRA proud of myself because I used my own imagination and it worked :)


 6 x tomatoes (This was enough for 1 bowl of soup for Duane and I each and he took some to work this morning, you can adjust this to your needs. Obvs)

1 tin of butter beans in tomato sauce (You can use the one in brine but I chose the tomato sauce because I was making tomato soup)

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

500ml of cream

1 pot of veggie stock


1) Cut your tomatoes in half length ways and spread them on a tray with oil. Sprinkle them with veggie spice for taste and pop them in the oven at 180 degrees until they're soft. I didn't take the skin off simply because it didn't occur to me but Duane said it would've been better without the skin. So I rate you do that :) Also, apparently you have to cut the gross stalky thing on the one end of the tomato off? Who knew! :)

2) While the tomatoes are grilling, chop up 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic and place it in a medium sized pot with oil and some spice but don't cook it yet. When the tomatoes are almost done, you can start to cook your onion and garlic.

3) As your onion and garlic are cooking, check on your tomatoes, when they're done switch off the oven but keep them in there to keep warm. When your onion and garlic is almost cooked, add your butter beans and stir. Let it start to cook for a bit.

4) Once your butter beans start to soften, add a bit of water and the veggie stock pot. Stir and then add your cream. Stir and let simmer for a few minutes.

5) Add your tomatoes and let simmer. Your tomatoes will start to break down and make the soup very lumpy.

6) Taste your soup and add a little bit salt. Then remove the soup from the stove and pour it into a blender. If you have a stick blender, so much the better. Blend the soup until it's all blended and quite watery. Then put it back in the pot on the stove.

Your soup should now look like this :)

7) Here I added some milk and maizena because I wanted a bit of a thicker soup but that's entirely up to you. If you like your soup watery then obvs leave the maizena out :)

 8) Serve your soup with a bread of your choice and enjoy :)

For someone who HATES tomatoes, I really enjoyed this soup. And it was super easy and quick to make. Duane enjoyed it and didn't pretend to not be hungry so bonus points for me :)

If you try this soup, PLEASE let me know what you think :) 

AMY: 1, KITCHEN: 0. Hi5 to me :)


And PS: I literally just read the whole ingredients list of the whatsfordinner recipe and didn't even know they say sugar and TWELVE freaking tomatoes (are they honestly feeding an army??) are what you need as well. And I didn't know they include a chilli either. So points for me for half (maybe a quarter) reading the recipe and kind of throwing my own thing together :)


  1. Ah this is brilliant.. and I'm not sure if you know or not - but Warren HATES tomatoes. like FULL-ON-GAG-REFLEX - so i will definitely be testing this out on him! high five to wifery! x

  2. Aaah I'm the absolute same!! I can't even handle a sambo once it's been on it! VOM-IT! But I loved this so lemme know what he says :) xxx

  3. Well, I LOVE tomatoes so either way, it's a winner.
    I think you need to get a wifery apron :)

  4. Sounds AMAZE! Defs going to try this soon... maybe add some thyme to the tomatoes while they roast - love the tomato-thyme combo! :) Hi 5 for feeding the future hubby so well! xx

  5. Jhordan's Sister, I think the apron idea sounds rad! :) Kikidee, love the thyme idea too! :) Thanks for the love guys! xxx